Call for Coaches

We have a large amount of requests from participants to have training for newbies who are going to attend our kidney walk. We actually do not have a list of coaches who can train and prepare them for the actual event. In our last board meeting, we concluded that we are going to hire coaches specifically to train individuals who wish to be educated before running!

With this, we are calling for coaches, preferably those who have experience in training beginners in running and jogging as well as proper workout training for them. We are looking to hire at least 10 men coaches and 8 lady coaches to train participants aging from 6 years old to 58. This will be fun and exciting pre-event activity that it first time since we conceptualized Kidney Walk. Before the event, we also require them to check out our business website to know about how the walk is being conducted every week.

Here are the things we want you to train the participants:

  1. Stretches and Exercises
  2. Breathing exercises
  3. How to heal wound
  4. Proper workout before the run
  5. Post workout
  6. dealing with injuries

We hope to get your application by the end of the month.

Thankyou and keep the applications coming!

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