Kidney Walk Coming This Weekend!

This weekend, get ready to fight against kidney disease as the Vancouver Kidney Walk hit up the streets! We are so happy to announce that there are hundreds of participants who pre-registered for this kidney walk. We will appreciate too if you could drop by some of tour partner’s booth after the walk! In the booth, fun games and activities, raffle prizes, and even free samples for for kidney health products are all waiting for you!

Aside from them, we partnered with a big health company who shall provide free medical check-up for all of the participants! We have six booths for the medical check-up so we know that it can accommodate many!

Last month’s kidney was a blast. Though it rained, we were delighted to see hundreds of runners still opted to run their committed distance so they can help in spreading awareness of the disease. We created Kidney Walk so we can inform many citizens that taking care of the kidney is also taking care of your loved ones, especially you family. We would also like to thank one of our sponsors  Dave Jenkins, known realtor here in Vancouver and is also an active runner every year. Thankyou so much Sir!

So what are you waiting for? Register while slots last! See you there!

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