Why I Am In Love With This Electric Scooter

When I was in The Netherlands, six of my friends from college are now owners of the latest trend in their city—Unu Motors’ elektrische scooter. This electric scooters are their flagship product and may be the first of many innovations they will be introducing in the market.

The vehicles got me really interested to look into it more and know more information about it. Mike, one friend let me borrow one of his two Unu Motors so I can go around the city and check out restaurants and libraries. The first time I ride it, I immediately fell in loved every. \

Upon knowing more about the company, I liked that Unu Motors is not like other brands which only aim for profit and money.  In fact, they do this to help save the earth which is now being hit by dreaded climate change.

Unu Motors has products for the sake of the environment. It does not emit gas which can contribute to the pollution of the air. It is ran by electricity alone and you just need to charge it in an outlet.

The electric scooters have portable batteries too which comes when they deliver it in your doorstep. Aside from that, the electric scooters ran quietly on the road. You do not contribute to noise pollution and annoy people.

i hope a lot of countries will have Unu Motors store so many will have the access to a better form of transportation.

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