Deciding for an Amazon Prime Canada membership

I think that I’m is on Prime is the best thing in the world. I don’t know if there is ever been a product or service that I’ve been so excited about and I just want to scream from the rooftops that everybody should have it, especially students. So, when I go on about the student benefits, people ask me how much is Amazon Prime Canada for students, which I do think is basically an impossible question to answer. See, the thing about a membership with Amazon Prime is that it cost is one thing, but if you use Amazon Services regularly, you can leave E8 that cost and eliminate it pretty early just by ordering and having things shipped for free, until the fact that you’re starting to get really solid value. I mean Amazon Prime Canada for students is about $3 a month, which is really not very much at all, as it will cover free delivery on anything you order from an Amazon platform, as well as a Netflix Style streaming service with a lot of amazing exclusive shows and classic favorites as well, and Cloud space for you to store photos and videos, and all sorts of other things. None of this ever adds any more cost. So, if you end up spending what would be $40 without one of these memberships, and you achieve this by using Amazon Prime and any other way, whether that’s through streaming or ordering, you’re already saving money by having an Amazon Prime membership and there’s no catch when it comes to that. Sure, if you’re not a person who would ever use Amazon Prime, for whatever reason, or who never orders off of Amazon, or does any online shopping, or streaming of television programs or anything like that, maybe Amazon Prime is not for you, however I would suggest that some of these Services can add to your quality of life in this day in age that we live in today.

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