Why I Love Shopping 

Hi guys! Who loves shopping as much as I do? Well, I do love shopping all the time. My friends and I usualy go to the mall every weekend so we can buy something for ourselves and for our loved ones. Want to know why I love shopping? Here are the reasons.


  1. It’s a therapy. Whether I buy a luxury bag ir some wood watches, it makes me destress from work. My work week is so filled with much to did so I really need something as a breather.


  1. It makes me happy. Yes, it is. I just love going put and purchasing new things for my apartment and it gives me a happy mood.


  1. I can give things to people I love. I love shopping for my loved ones. For their birthdays,and other special occasions. I once gave my mother some coat, I also give my brother Zegarki wood watches, and even a pair of boots. My friend even love the paur of earring I gave her when she went out of town.


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