Smartphone’s new buddy

I don’t think that there is any validity in saying that one photograph isn’t as good as another because the device that took it cost $9,000 less, or anything like that. I think that that would be a ridiculous point of you, and it is a shame that it is one that totally infects and impacts many people in two days photography communities. If I can take a photo, artfully apply a photo filter, and move people to feel emotion with that photo, that doesn’t mean that my photo isn’t good just because it happened to be taken on an iPhone. IPhones are advancing at such a high rate, I haven’t even found that there are films, pretty big films, that are being made with iPhones instead of movie cameras, and a lot of people can’t even tell. When I watch them, I may be noticed a certain lack of something, but it doesn’t appear that the graphics are suffering in any way. It’s kind of an amazing time to be alive. Usually, a standard movie camera runs for over $20,000, the ones used to the industry at least. The fact that now, people will actually sit and watch something that is filmed on a phone, because it doesn’t look like it is significantly less or quality, and that that phone can be just pulled out of your pocket and used to record, is something that is totally revolutionary and unique to this time and place on the planet Earth. Now, when I say that this is a unique point of Our Generation, does that mean that I don’t think that it is going to continue? Well, obviously it’s going to continue. Obviously, in my opinion, we’re not going to step backwards and make this less accessible for people again. That’s generally not how things work.

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