Being thoughtful

I am not a thoughtful person. I am actually always forgetful of the things I should do or when I have commitments. Last new year, I vowed I need to be more thoughtful to other eople if I really want them to be happy and satisfied. Especially now that I hold a team for my small business, I think I need to make an extra effort to think of them and address their needs so that they will still enjoy working with me. For our next teambuilding which will happen in a private resort out of town, I will be giveway them best wooden watches . Why watches? Well, I do not just want them to take time, but I want them to know that while they are spending time with me in the business, they should also take time with their loved ones-family members and even pets. I encouraged them to have their leaves every year and do not bury themselves too much onwork. I want them to work while enjoying what they are doing. I saw how they were delighted when I gave them the wood watches. Actually, I am blessed I ewas able to find the best wood watch online and it was a swift transaction for me.

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