Traveling soon

What do you usually buy when you are about to travel? Is it a new luggage for more room? Or a new trekking shoes? Is is a passport holder, a new laptop, or a trusty backpack? Well, as for me, i usually save money and scout great deals for my gadgets. Traveling is an essential part of my life. Apart from this, taking pictures to capture those perfect memories and views is another thing that keeps me sane in this little crazy world. I invested in DSLR a few years back. I also got myself a monopod, tripod, some coold lights, and great lenses to suit my camera. I also love using my action camera during adventures like trekking, surfing and canyoneering. But what i am currently crazy about is this—my 360 kamera which has given me so much happiness. This is the best 360 camera for me. Imagine I can capture a place’s entirety because it has the perfect all-in view of a place. This is really amazing, especially for my albums and for my portfolio. I also love how I get to encourage my other friends to also buy one because they were inspired by my own photos.

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