A newbie

Are you a first time mom? Some mothers give their advices to prolong your patience. Enjoy every bit of the time whenever you’re with your baby. Bond with your little one and always make sure that you have time to play with him/her.

According to Pau, who is a self confess tech geek and reader of gadget reviews R-Tech24, whenever you feel that you can’t do it anymore, think of this “if I can’t take care of my baby properly, then who will?”. And lastly, breastfeed.  “I learned that being mother requires you to be a person that doesn’t just live for yourself.

I learned that being a mother means living for another person, living to fulfill and take care of another human life.

Meanwhile, got Evenka, she says, “Don’t be scared to tell it to your parents coz it really helps a lot when they know it so that they can help you and gives you advises and always follow them and your doctors advises because it will help you on the day that your baby will come out to see you. She is now finishing college while working as a call center agent. “Now that I’m a mother is that i am now dedicated to reach my goal. I went back to school again and no more gimmick time after.

She added, “He is now my inspiration to work hard.




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