Some Great Drupal Features You Can Not Afford to Miss


.Drupal is a very popular content management system which offers a lot of benefits. This is the reason why most website owners are opting for Drupal development to avail the numerous benefits offered by a Drupal design. A Drupal empowered website is not only easy to manage; it also helps to generate more ROI for a business. With Drupal’s latest version, websites can gain a lot of advantages and boost their performance.

Drupal is now a lot easier to set up. It can now be used in the language you prefer. All that is required for this is to import translations of the Drupal interface from the installer. It is very easy to post content. The site menu can be easily managed by using the easy functionality of drag and drop. You can also change the content of a single page by moving blocks around. Among its new features is an easy interface that allows you to translate your posts to languages you desire. In fact, Drupal can select a language for interface on its own.

The new Drupal version has an improved multilingual interface support. This feature allows importing the translations automatically whenever you want to install a new module, enable a new added theme, or add a new language. Drupal has a number of modules which when installed enable granular control. Drupal 7 has a number of useful modules like Throttle and Access Rules. These modules facilitate easy installation, enablement, and configuration. It also has a new database layer to provide more support to other database platforms. This gives you the liberty to select the software stack to run Drupal for your site.

The new features have also added more flexibility and offer more options to website owners. There has been an immense transformation in Drupal’s core functionality. Websites can be easily upgraded to the new version without any loss in functionality thanks to  DNN .net CMS. With all these improved features, Drupal helps to boost the performance of a site to a great extent.

There is no doubt that Drupal is highly beneficial for websites. But it should be ensured that you hire professional Drupal designers for your project. Professional Drupal developers and designers have the required expertise to provide a perfect Drupal design. Hiring a novice can backfire as it requires proper expertise to carry out Drupal development effectively. Therefore, always hire reputed Drupal services to get the best results.

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