Portable Wooden Ladybug Doubles as a Mini-PA Speaker System


A quick search of your local electronic store should show to you that a new trend is taking place. You could even search the Internet for electronics and come to the same conclusion. Consumers appear to becoming sick of the typical kitchen appliance looking electronics that are coming out today. Everything is incredibly flashy and shiny. Many of the older consumer and even many of the current generation crave the past years in which everything seemed to be made out of wood. Companies are realizing there is a lot of business in this and are beginning to make electronics with wood exteriors more and more. One cool product that was recently released onto the market is the Wooden Ladybug mini-PA.
Our generation is enjoying many perks that no other generation has been able to experience. One of those perks is the ability to bring music nearly everywhere we go. We also enjoy the fact that we can create and set-up our own entertainment systems anywhere in our house. This includes adding additional portable speakers to a television set or even your laptop computer. iPods have made it so that portable speakers are in even more demand. The Wooden Ladybug mini-PA allows you to have a portable speaker system with immersive sound that remains discreet as well. What you get is a speaker that can also lead to a lot of interesting discussions amongst your friends.

Real wood and faux-wood is coming back. The Wooden Ladybug is a USB powered, “ladybug” shaped speaker system. Try reading that sentence and realize how odd that statement is. What you have is a mini-PA system that incorporates popular speaker technologies into the device. When looking at it, you think you are looking at a nicely carved wooden ladybug. When the wings are flipped open on the wooden device, it reveals a set a speaker system. Compact stereo quality speakers were put into the wooden box. Thus, you have an easy to transport stereo system with a bit of art attached to the idea.

You currently can purchase the Wooden Ladybug mini-PA for a very reasonable price of $13.76. Some people might think the USB ports are annoying and do not want to deal with them. Luckily, the company thought of this possibility and made is so that the device also takes a couple AAA batteries to help it operate. What this means is that you can also take the product on the road with you if you happen to travel quite a bit. Since I do a lot of traveling, a product like this would be ideal to me. Check out the attached image to see this cool product.



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