Day Care Alternatives for Older Children

Got older kids who are too young to be alone and too old for day careĀ atĀ Kinderopvang Leiden? With careful planning, social safety skills instruction and provide communication, you can avoid day care for 10+ age kids. Here are fun, educational child care alternatives.
I’m a parent and former day care facility supervisor. Day care facilities are usually geared to younger preschool and under children. Due to overcrowding and poor management, many day care facilities fail older children. I learned early on that instead of child care, our children needed to learn responsibility, personal organization, communication skills, decision-making, social safety and self-advocacy skills. Parents need to provide a solid support network. a way to communicate, accessibility and a back-up plan. Here are some community resources:

Vacation Bible School- In our community each week of the summer, there is at least one church holding a Vacation Bible School. VBS provides fun and social activity for about three hours per day.

Library Activities- Children 9 and over are allowed to remain at the library without adult supervision. They must follow library protocol. Tell the librarian know that you are dropping the child off and when you will return; do not leave the child longer than 2 hours. Provide a cell phone. Librarians are not child care providers but if your child needs help, she can ask. The library offers reading programs, cybersafe internet and computer use, homework help and group activities also.

Museum Activities: This resource is vastly overlooked. Our local museum offers kid’s activities, youth docent training and many other summer programs.

Day camps: Many local organizations offer day programs. Day camps are a great way to help your children build their skills in different areas. If you can’t afford these programs, check out scholarship programs.

To make these options work, you need: a solid trust relationship with your child, proximity, cell phone contact.
regular check-in times, city bus system, and coordination with friends, family or neighbors.

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