Things to do before a run

Are coming over for a run this weekend? Do not just come and run if you are not prepared! While we encourage many people to join our run, we consider their health first. Are they fit to run? Are they okay to do such a strenuous activity? What if they are sick? Did they get permission from their doctor? We love people who supports us but we should consider first the health condition of each participant. For now, we would like to share with you this tips before having a run. 1. Consult your doctor You might have an ongoing health condition that needs to have full rest. Please get the nod of your physician first and present a medical certificate upon registration 2.  Bring water We will provide water for you but since we have hundreds of participants, the people in line in the water booth might not accommodate…


How Obesity Can Lead to Kidney Failure

Obesity, or having too much fat in the body, can cause kidney diseases. According to reports, obesity increases the risk of developing major risk factors of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) like diabetes and hypertension. This is because with obesity, the kidneys have to work harder, filtering more blood than normal (hyperfiltration) to meet the metabolic demands of the increased body weight. Also, it increase in function can damage the kidney and raise the risk of developing CKD. But obesity is treatable. We just need support from various stakeholders by education & awareness of the risks of obesity and leading a healthy lifestyle (including proper nutrition & exercise) can dramatically help in preventing obesity & kidney disease.