Why I Love Shopping 

Hi guys! Who loves shopping as much as I do? Well, I do love shopping all the time. My friends and I usualy go to the mall every weekend so we can buy something for ourselves and for our loved ones. Want to know why I love shopping? Here are the reasons.   It’s a therapy. Whether I buy a luxury bag ir some wood watches, it makes me destress from work. My work week is so filled with much to did so I really need something as a breather.   It makes me happy. Yes, it is. I just love going put and purchasing new things for my apartment and it gives me a happy mood.   I can give things to people I love. I love shopping for my loved ones. For their birthdays,and other special occasions. I once gave my mother some coat, I also give my…


Deciding for an Amazon Prime Canada membership

I think that I’m is on Prime is the best thing in the world. I don’t know if there is ever been a product or service that I’ve been so excited about and I just want to scream from the rooftops that everybody should have it, especially students. So, when I go on about the student benefits, people ask me how much is Amazon Prime Canada for students, which I do think is basically an impossible question to answer. See, the thing about a membership with Amazon Prime is that it cost is one thing, but if you use Amazon Services regularly, you can leave E8 that cost and eliminate it pretty early just by ordering and having things shipped for free, until the fact that you’re starting to get really solid value. I mean Amazon Prime Canada for students is about $3 a month, which is really not very…


Why I Am In Love With This Electric Scooter

When I was in The Netherlands, six of my friends from college are now owners of the latest trend in their city—Unu Motors’ elektrische scooter. This electric scooters are their flagship product and may be the first of many innovations they will be introducing in the market. The vehicles got me really interested to look into it more and know more information about it. Mike, one friend let me borrow one of his two Unu Motors so I can go around the city and check out restaurants and libraries. The first time I ride it, I immediately fell in loved every. \ Upon knowing more about the company, I liked that Unu Motors is not like other brands which only aim for profit and money.  In fact, they do this to help save the earth which is now being hit by dreaded climate change. Unu Motors has products for the…


Time for Time Management

Well, when that time of year comes, you know what you need to do. When it’s your partner’s birthday, you have to buy them a gift. When your partner, or husband, is a big tough man who doesn’t make it clear when he wants something, that can be very difficult. Actually, men in general or a lot less adept at giving hints about exactly what they want and all these subtle ways, just like how they are sometimes not very good at picking up the hints when you are giving them in not so subtle ways! But, so it goes. Anyway, here are my suggestions if it’s your husband’s birthday and you don’t know what to get them. First, you should go over to a website like survival cooking. On Survival Cooking, they have professional writers who make these extremely detailed and comprehensive reviews of all of the best outdoor…


Kidney Walk Coming This Weekend!

This weekend, get ready to fight against kidney disease as the Vancouver Kidney Walk hit up the streets! We are so happy to announce that there are hundreds of participants who pre-registered for this kidney walk. We will appreciate too if you could drop by some of tour partner’s booth after the walk! In the booth, fun games and activities, raffle prizes, and even free samples for for kidney health products are all waiting for you! Aside from them, we partnered with a big health company who shall provide free medical check-up for all of the participants! We have six booths for the medical check-up so we know that it can accommodate many! Last month’s kidney was a blast. Though it rained, we were delighted to see hundreds of runners still opted to run their committed distance so they can help in spreading awareness of the disease. We created Kidney…


Call for Coaches

We have a large amount of requests from participants to have training for newbies who are going to attend our kidney walk. We actually do not have a list of coaches who can train and prepare them for the actual event. In our last board meeting, we concluded that we are going to hire coaches specifically to train individuals who wish to be educated before running! With this, we are calling for coaches, preferably those who have experience in training beginners in running and jogging as well as proper workout training for them. We are looking to hire at least 10 men coaches and 8 lady coaches to train participants aging from 6 years old to 58. This will be fun and exciting pre-event activity that it first time since we conceptualized Kidney Walk. Before the event, we also require them to check out our business website to know about…


Our Sponsors

Our monthly Vancouver Kidney Walk is coming and we are happy that we reached the number we need for sponsors in our charity event. Though we still can’t reveal their names, I will list down the products and booths you need to look forward to this coming event. Here they are: Water refilling station Diet supplements Skincare products Insurance Motors and Car shows Fitness gears Traveling products Hospitals and clinics Thrift shops (book sales) Toy store (for your kids!) Thankyou for supporting this cause and we hope you still be our partners in the coming kidney walks in the future!


Things to do before a run

Are coming over for a run this weekend? Do not just come and run if you are not prepared! While we encourage many people to join our run, we consider their health first. Are they fit to run? Are they okay to do such a strenuous activity? What if they are sick? Did they get permission from their doctor? We love people who supports us but we should consider first the health condition of each participant. For now, we would like to share with you this tips before having a run. 1. Consult your doctor You might have an ongoing health condition that needs to have full rest. Please get the nod of your physician first and present a medical certificate upon registration 2.  Bring water We will provide water for you but since we have hundreds of participants, the people in line in the water booth might not accommodate…


How Obesity Can Lead to Kidney Failure

Obesity, or having too much fat in the body, can cause kidney diseases. According to reports, obesity increases the risk of developing major risk factors of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) like diabetes and hypertension. This is because with obesity, the kidneys have to work harder, filtering more blood than normal (hyperfiltration) to meet the metabolic demands of the increased body weight. Also, it increase in function can damage the kidney and raise the risk of developing CKD. But obesity is treatable. We just need support from various stakeholders by education & awareness of the risks of obesity and leading a healthy lifestyle (including proper nutrition & exercise) can dramatically help in preventing obesity & kidney disease.